2023 MAMAs Are Here!

The Modesto Area Music Awards will be hosted live at The State Theatre @ 6:00PM.

It will be a night of performances by some of the areas best talent and our way to celebrate together as a unified arts community. The event is by invitation only.

2023 Vote Is Over!

MAMAs Live - October 17

5564 people have voted, have you?

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  • Chris Murphy
  • Chris Ricci
  • Middagh Goodwin
  • Patty Castillo Davis
  • Earl Matthews
  • Elliot Gage


American League (Visit Site)
Anna Rogers
Awahnichi (Visit Site)
Benjamin Phelps
Blindfold (Visit Site)
Boy On Guitar (Visit Site)
Buffalo Buffalo (Visit Site)
Bus Stop Boxer (Visit Site)
C.A.F. (Visit Site)
Callbox (Visit Site)
Chris Ferris (Visit Site)
Christine McGrew Band (Visit Site)
City Psychology (Visit Site)
Crane Song (Visit Site)
Dandelion Massacre (Visit Site)
December Pilot (Visit Site)
Defective Machinery
Deliver Me From L.L. Bean (Visit Site)
Francesca Bavarro (Visit Site)
Fugue State (Visit Site)
Gambler and the Thief
Heaven Burtch (Visit Site)
Horatio Monroe (Visit Site)
Horizon Point (Visit Site)
Jake Murray
Joe Barretta (Visit Site)
Kid Mud (Visit Site)
Lindsey Pavao
Mattea Overstreet (Visit Site)
Melynda Rodriguez (Visit Site)
Merry Nothings
Mondo Mariscal (Visit Site)
Monster Treasure (Visit Site)
Nick Campos (Visit Site)
Of Us Giants (Visit Site)
Operocia (Visit Site)
Portrait of Elysia (Visit Site)
Replication (Visit Site)
Rubber Lizard (Visit Site)
Ryan Russell Band (Visit Site)
Salacious Wizard Cult (Visit Site)
Sean Duncan (Visit Site)
Seanario (Visit Site)
Seth D Baker (Visit Site)
Seven Year Sleep (Visit Site)
Shu Lace (Visit Site)
Sloome (Visit Site)
Sommer Cooks
Stop Motion Poetry (Visit Site)
Sundust (Visit Site)
Ted & Co. (Visit Site)
Ted Barber (Visit Site)
The Airlings
The Big Picture (Visit Site)
The Echoing (Visit Site)
The Great West (Visit Site)
The Panduhs (Visit Site)
Tractorboy Chris Ward (Visit Site)
Troy Franey (Visit Site)
Tuxedo Gleam (Visit Site)
Wake Up Low (Visit Site)
Willy Tea Taylor, Chris Doud, Joey No Knows Combo


Austin James Band (Visit Site)
Ava Grace Trio (Visit Site)
Blue Line (Visit Site)
Brett Dennen
Broken Injun
California Outlaws (Visit Site)
Chris Doud & The Salvage Co. (Visit Site)
Cole Hinkle & The Debauchery (Visit Site)
Cottonwood Creek (Visit Site)
Dustbowl Children
Fog Valley Drifters
Funstrummer Ukelele Band (Visit Site)
Gathering of the Vibes (Visit Site)
Golden Bough (Visit Site)
Greg Scudder and the BEER:30 (Visit Site)
Gunpowder and Lace (Visit Site)
House of Orange
Joe Medwick's Funky Floorboards (Visit Site)
Madie Boyd (Visit Site)
Mr Ben & The Eye Birds (Visit Site)
Nathan Dennen
Randy Mandy Band (Visit Site)
Rattlecan (Visit Site)
Red Pony (Visit Site)
Scott Little (Visit Site)
Scott Patrick (Visit Site)
Sensations (Visit Site)
Snap Jackson & the Knock On Wood Players (Visit Site)
Southern Bend
Southern Comfort Band
The Brothers Strong & Co (Visit Site)
The Good Luck Thrift Store Outfit (Visit Site)
The Little Fuller Band (Visit Site)
The Poor Valley Band (Visit Site)
The Risky Biscuits (Visit Site)
The Sweet Taunts (Visit Site)
The Wrong Doers (Visit Site)
Tom VandenAvond (Visit Site)
True South (Visit Site)
Walnut Road
Western Bound (Visit Site)

Blue Collar - Cover Bands

Sweet Mama Rachel & the Homemade Jam Band (Visit Site)
209 Allstars (Visit Site)
4 on the Floor (Visit Site)
Agent (Visit Site)
All American Brothers & Sisters
AquaNett (Visit Site)
Boscoe's Brood (Visit Site)
Chains Required (Visit Site)
Cloak & Swagger (Visit Site)
Delta River Road (Visit Site)
Disturbing the Peace (Visit Site)
Emmerson Biggins (Visit Site)
Funky Tim & The Merlots (Visit Site)
Good Time Charlie (Visit Site)
Gotcha Covered/Country (Visit Site)
Hari Kari
Highway 99 (Visit Site)
Johnny & Kelly (Visit Site)
Journey Revisited (Visit Site)
Live Again (Visit Site)
Lodge Pole Pickers (Visit Site)
MCW Band (Visit Site)
Matt Nielson & the Whitehots (Visit Site)
Mystic Moon (Visit Site)
Neil Buettner (Visit Site)
Night Veil (Visit Site)
Raizing Kane
Research & Development
Rick Barnes & Friends (Visit Site)
Sticks & Stones (Visit Site)
Strange Brew (Visit Site)
The Madness Remains (Visit Site)
The Neighborhood Sound (Visit Site)
The Nines (Visit Site)
Third Party (Visit Site)
Threshold (Visit Site)
Tongue & Groove (Visit Site)
Triple D (Visit Site)
Valley Fire (Visit Site)
We are Him
Weekend at Jimmy's (Visit Site)
Willie Hines (Visit Site)
Z Strain (Visit Site)


AJ Demello (Visit Site)
Aliceon Beltrani (Visit Site)
Allison Beltrani
Andre Morton
Anthony K (Visit Site)
Austin Bovee (Visit Site)
Charles Scott
Chris Teicheira (Visit Site)
Connor Martin (Visit Site)
Dane Madden (Visit Site)
Drew Monson
El Roberto
Eric Vikjord
Eric Von Kauffman (Visit Site)
Erik Power (Visit Site)
Felicia Aleman (Visit Site)
Hannah Hosford (Visit Site)
Insane Wayne (Visit Site)
Jacob Blaeser
Jason Sohm (Visit Site)
Jason Violation
Jen Eros (Visit Site)
Jimmie Menezes (Visit Site)
Johnny Creol

Kevin Albittron
Leon Gibson (Visit Site)
Lilly Flynn (Visit Site)
Marc Maple
Marcus Peverill (Visit Site)
Messy Marv
Molly Magee
Nick Aragon
Nick Larson
Rhoda D Ramone (Visit Site)
Rick James
Roman Guzman
Ryan "Lefty" Anderson

Saul Trujillo (Visit Site)
Scott Powers
Serena Gamboa (Visit Site)
Slay (Visit Site)
Taylor Evans (Visit Site)
The Saint - Anthony Gonzales
Tom Bickle (Visit Site)

Dance Club Promoters

Best Kept Secret
Daniel Mendez (Visit Site)
EHP Presents
ET Entertainment
Emvy Entertainment (Visit Site)
GHR (Visit Site)
NIght Life Entertainment (Visit Site)
Pure 209 (Visit Site)
Random Nights (Visit Site)
Renard Allen Le Blanc
Stay High / Emvy Promotions (Visit Site)
Sweat Entertainment
Talk of the Town (Visit Site)
Univerzal Promotionz
Valley Fresco
Wagner Entertainment


Folk / Acoustic

Ava Grace
Brandon Sutton
CT Rogers (Visit Site)
Candice Lamb (Visit Site)
Charlize Elizabeth (Visit Site)
Chris Doud (Visit Site)
Cole Thomason (Visit Site)
Daniel Edward Harris
Doug Robinett
Geovanie Brooks (Visit Site)
Jian Salcedo
Koala & The Golden Boy (Visit Site)
Love Core Singing Telegrams (Visit Site)
Marirose Powell (Visit Site)
Matt Davis (Visit Site)
Micol Cazzell
Mike and Eli Allsup
Nathan Ignacio (Visit Site)
Octobr (Visit Site)
Patty Castillo Davis (Visit Site)
Roy Dean (Visit Site)
Sandra Delores
Scott Bartenhagen
Shaylin Nicole
Vanessa D Valencia (Visit Site)
Willy Tea Taylor (Visit Site)
Zillah Blue (Visit Site)
Zoey Rae (Visit Site)

Hard Rock

Antithesis of It (Visit Site)
Broken Trojan (Visit Site)
Brokenote Undertone (Visit Site)
Brumby Road (Visit Site)
Burning Bridges (Visit Site)
Cro X (Visit Site)
Diversity of One (Visit Site)
E.A.R.L. (Visit Site)
El Marauder
Eye of Aquila (Visit Site)
Faith And Bullets (Visit Site)
Feeling Gravity's Pull (Visit Site)
Glitchkill (Visit Site)
Harvest Gold (Visit Site)
Hit & Run (Visit Site)
In Chaos (Visit Site)
Indian Runner (Visit Site)
Malaska (Visit Site)
Matty Comer and the Experience
Mid October (Visit Site)
Monkey Knife Fight (Visit Site)
No Silence (Visit Site)
Page 404 (Visit Site)
Painting Chaos (Visit Site)
Plastic Meteor Shower (Visit Site)
Princess Die
Renegade Conspiracy (Visit Site)
Samora (Visit Site)
Saucy Cocktail
Sexy Zombie (Visit Site)
Spiral Arms
Taking Fox Hollow (Visit Site)
The Awful
The Flowers (Visit Site)
The Skylights (Visit Site)
Tragic Culture
When We Become Kings (Visit Site)
Who Wants The Crown (Visit Site)
Y.B.S (Your Band Sucks) (Visit Site)

House DJ

Andy Cruz
DJ Andy Analog Disko
DJ Beto
DJ Brian Williams (Visit Site)
DJ Dade (Visit Site)
DJ Dan Aguilar
DJ Daniel Mendez (Visit Site)
DJ Eddy Santana
DJ Glen Hammarstrom
DJ Jrock
DJ Juanderlust (Visit Site)
DJ Liquid
DJ Mac Maldy
DJ Mendy (Visit Site)
DJ Nick G.
DJ Otto
DJ Panduh (Visit Site)
DJ Prodigy
DJ Rizz
DJ Scottie Elliott
DJ Sergio Solis
DJ Tbones
DJ Teddy C
DJ Tommy Girl (Visit Site)
DJ Topsy
DJ Vida Lee
DJ Wookie (Visit Site)
DJ ZYA (Visit Site)
Daniel Aguilar
Dj Rizz
Javi Jsteez Lopez (Visit Site)
Kayleigh Nicole
Major 7
Nasa DJs (Visit Site)
Nick G (Visit Site)
Pete Carreon (Visit Site)
Scotty Ducey (Visit Site)
Teslow (Visit Site)
Top-Pick One

Jazz & Blues

Barcode Jazz (Visit Site)
Big Earl & The Cryin Shame (Visit Site)
Big Phaddy & The S.O.B.S (Visit Site)
Blue Box Zydeco
Blue Monday Band
Blues Mechanics Plus (Visit Site)
Blues Mechanix (Visit Site)
BluesBox Bayou Band (Visit Site)
Bourbon Street Blues Band (Visit Site)
BrewBaker (Visit Site)
Chaz & Jess (Visit Site)
Creole Jazz Kings (Visit Site)
Cynthia Huddleston & the Wiskeytones
David Dow & Friends
Dr. Blue & Bad Medicine
Eric Benson& the Ultra Lounge
Frozen Radicals (Visit Site)
Gary Gervase & Kickstart Blues Band (Visit Site)
Gloria Scott Band
Gloria T & the Master Groovers (Visit Site)
Gravel & Grace (Visit Site)
High Street Blues Band (Visit Site)
Hot Club Faux Gitane (Visit Site)
Jazzoni w Penny White
Jeramy Norris & the Dangerous Mood (Visit Site)
Martin Martinez Quartet
Mary Elizebeth Boutte
Mike Hammar & The Nails (Visit Site)
Mofo Party Band (Visit Site)
Mother Teresa & the Sinners
Pinkie & the Blind Resistance
Poorhouse Millionaires (Visit Site)
Professor Maxx Smith
Red Dog Ash
Rob Hill Band (Visit Site)
Second Tradition (Visit Site)
Shad Harris (Visit Site)
Shad Harris and the Groovenators (Visit Site)
Sonhouse Blues & Gospel
Southside Blues Band
Terrie Londee & B4 Dawn Band (Visit Site)
The Blue Diamond Band With Debbie Smith (Visit Site)
The Free Radicals (Visit Site)
Tim Quinn and Traveling Circus
Tony & The Tuff Times (Visit Site)
Tony T and the Tuff Times (Visit Site)
Ultra Lounge
Valley Jazz Company (Visit Site)
Valley Rhythm Section
Wendi Maxwell & Tres Hot Jazz (Visit Site)
Whiskey Tones (Visit Site)

Large Event

American Graffiti Car Show (Visit Site)
Asparagus Festival (Visit Site)
Bands, Brews & Barbecue Throwdown (Visit Site)
Bump Festival (Visit Site)
Central Valley Brew Fest (Visit Site)
Cruise n’ Good Acoustic Christmas
Hot Latin Nights
KAT Listener Appreciation (Visit Site)
MoPride in the Park (Visit Site)
Modesto Blues Fest
Oakdale Chocolate Festival (Visit Site)
Palladium Block Party (Visit Site)
Picnic at the Pops (Visit Site)
Respect The River
Riverbank Wine & Cheese (Visit Site)
Sierra View Music Fest (Visit Site)
Stanislaus County Fair (Visit Site)
The Summoning (Visit Site)
Weber Point Reggae Festival (Visit Site)
X Fest (Visit Site)


A Touch of Magic
Banda La Nueva Tequilera (Visit Site)
Central Latino All Star Band (Visit Site)
David Perez Band (Visit Site)
Dezu (Visit Site)
Groupo Carrillo (Visit Site)
Jinetez (Visit Site)
Jose Torres El Rey De Alto Mando (Visit Site)
Latin Essence (Visit Site)
Latin Magic Band (Visit Site)
Latin Soul (Visit Site)
Liliana Hernandez (Visit Site)
Los Reales del Norte (Visit Site)
Los Unidoz
Lost Hijos Del 7 (Visit Site)
Mariachi La Union (Visit Site)
Mike Torres & The Child Support Band (Visit Site)
Mike Torres Band (Visit Site)
Mike Torres Jr Band (Visit Site)
Octtobraa (Visit Site)
Orquesta Dharma (Visit Site)
Sound Remedy (Visit Site)
Tamborazo Banda Rio Seco (Visit Site)
Tamborazo Banda Villa Linda (Visit Site)
Texas Funk (Visit Site)
The Galvans (Visit Site)
The Gitanos (Visit Site)
The Marvin Zeller Band (Visit Site)
Third Sol (Visit Site)
Tono Ramirez (Visit Site)
Valley Wolf (Visit Site)

Metal Rock

17Ten (Visit Site)
Aborticide (Visit Site)
Abysmal Piss (Visit Site)
Accidentally Murdered (Visit Site)
American Witch (Visit Site)
Bavmorda (Visit Site)
Blackwoods (Visit Site)
Blastlung (Visit Site)
Bloodpig (Visit Site)
Bombs Overhead (Visit Site)
Brutal Innocence (Visit Site)
California Medication
Clockwork Hero (Visit Site)
Cryptic Ruins (Visit Site)
Cursed (Visit Site)
Divest Dreggs (Visit Site)
Dying Image (Visit Site)
Echoes of the Forgotten (Visit Site)
Eroszion (Visit Site)
Etched In Stone (Visit Site)
Forever Obscured (Visit Site)
From Devastation (Visit Site)
Hang the Kode (Visit Site)
Haunted By Day (Visit Site)
HellHeart (Visit Site)
LionCourt (Visit Site)
Lost Horizons (Visit Site)
Mind of a Machine (Visit Site)
Nothing But Losers (Visit Site)
Sektor209 (Visit Site)
South of Sanity
Stigmurder (Visit Site)
Sworn To The Black (Visit Site)
Symbolik (Visit Site)
This Times Brutal
Warpath Assassins (Visit Site)
Zombie Death Stench (Visit Site)

P3 Power Pop Punk

Pop Rock

Adam Bishop & The Young Guns (Visit Site)
American Made Outlaws
Artcls (Visit Site)
B-Side Saints
Big Me! (Visit Site)
Borrowed Time (Visit Site)
Boston Montana (Visit Site)
Candice & The Passengers (Visit Site)
Dirty Pillows (Visit Site)
Dream Supreme (Visit Site)
Early Empires (Visit Site)
Earthtones (Visit Site)
Erin Odessa & Covelo (Visit Site)
Erin Odessa & The Wildmen (Visit Site)
Every Atlas (Visit Site)
Feel Good Fall
Foochilla (Visit Site)
Insideout (Visit Site)
IrieTide (Visit Site)
Josh Rosenblum Band (Visit Site)
KDN (Visit Site)
Keep It Lit (Visit Site)
Killah Wail (Visit Site)
Koppel (Visit Site)
Lisa Ballew (Visit Site)
Lisette & The Loudmouths (Visit Site)
Litsnow (Visit Site)
Los Beekeepers (Visit Site)
Marirose and the Gypsies (Visit Site)
Matt Padlo (Visit Site)
Minor Birds (Visit Site)
Moon Trent (Visit Site)
My Shining Ember (Visit Site)
Nesta (Visit Site)
Pacific Lung (Visit Site)
Paper Space (Visit Site)
Pine + Palm (Visit Site)
Salerosa (Visit Site)
Sincerely Allison (Visit Site)
Sindria (Visit Site)
Socks (Visit Site)
Soul Simple
Sunset at Oakhurst
Surf Club (Visit Site)
Television Skies (Visit Site)
The Bonemen (Visit Site)
The Dream Supreme (Visit Site)
The EarlyLight (Visit Site)
The Great West End (Visit Site)
The Hot Dark (Visit Site)
The Old Refrain (Visit Site)
Tree Barking (Visit Site)
True Mad North
US4LOVE (Visit Site)
Vodessa (Visit Site)
We The Same
Whiskey Skulls (Visit Site)

Punk Rock

Absolutely Yes (Visit Site)
Black Coffin (Visit Site)
Broke Down Wasted (Visit Site)
Catapult Collision
Cheap Shoes (Visit Site)
Chop Off (Visit Site)
False Freedom (Visit Site)
Final Last Words (Visit Site)
Knee Deep (Visit Site)
Knocked Down (Visit Site)
Make Amends (Visit Site)
Patsy Crime (Visit Site)
Place Called Home (Visit Site)
Prizefighter (Visit Site)
Problem Dog (Visit Site)
Radical Times (Visit Site)
Red Devil Lie (Visit Site)
Rise and Strike (Visit Site)
Second To Last (Visit Site)
Static Symphony (Visit Site)
The Creepoids (Visit Site)
The Garbage Barge (Visit Site)
The Miss-Outs (Visit Site)
The Nekrobats (Visit Site)
The Vermz (Visit Site)
Them Creatures (Visit Site)
Three Second Rule (Visit Site)
Trashboat (Visit Site)
Trucker Dad (Visit Site)
Two Snakes (Visit Site)
Volume Freak (Visit Site)
What Eats Hydra (Visit Site)
XMalcolmX (Visit Site)

R&B - HipHop - FunK

Atlantis Rizing (Visit Site)
Ben Kaos (Visit Site)
Broke The MC (Visit Site)
Cmonkeedo (Visit Site)
Cobalt 45 (Visit Site)
Da KRSE (Visit Site)
Demarcus Stigar AKA The Local Nobody
Devious D
Diamond Dez (Visit Site)
Dweda Quicknest
Freddy Hott Sauce (Visit Site)
Haiti Babii (Visit Site)
IZ (Visit Site)
Icarus Jones (Visit Site)
Jabberjawz (Visit Site)
Jake the Snake (Visit Site)
Jr. Cali (Visit Site)
King Mackalot (Visit Site)
KrEaTiVe SouLz (Visit Site)
Manic (Visit Site)
Masked Avengers
Nic Fuq
Okwerdz (Visit Site)
Omega Crosby (Visit Site)
Oscar Goldman (Visit Site)
P. Ocean (Visit Site)
RawNe' (Visit Site)
Remedy (Visit Site)
Ren Da HeatMonsta (Visit Site)
Rwinnin2k (Visit Site)
Satisfied Mindz (Visit Site)
Serious Bizness (Visit Site)
Slam Yates (Visit Site)
Squalid the Troll (Visit Site)
Squirlly D (Visit Site)
Stubborn (Visit Site)
The Hooligans (Visit Site)
Willie Will (Visit Site)
YoungDee (Visit Site)


A La Lune (Visit Site)
Before 20 (Visit Site)
Braata (Visit Site)
City Sickness (Visit Site)
Crashboat (Visit Site)
Homebrew (Visit Site)
Honey B (Visit Site)
Kingdom Sound (Visit Site)
Let Us Chant (Visit Site)
Natural Revolution (Visit Site)
Rooted (Visit Site)
Skank Roots Project (Visit Site)
Sol Riddim (Visit Site)
Terrible Timing (Visit Site)
The Jam Session (Visit Site)
The Owlcats (Visit Site)

Restaurant with Music

5 Eye Brewing (Visit Site)
Barkin’ Dog (Visit Site)
Blaker Brewing (Visit Site)
Boardroom (Visit Site)
Bookies Sports Bar&Grill (Visit Site)
Cafe Deva (Visit Site)
Camp 4
Chefs of New York
Ciao Bella (Visit Site)
Contentment Brewing (Visit Site)
Donkey's Bar & Grill (Visit Site)
Dragonfly Art for Life (Visit Site)
Dying Breed (Visit Site)
Empresso (Visit Site)
Epic Lounge (Visit Site)
Firkin and Fox (Visit Site)
Food Fix Butcher+Baker (Visit Site)
Fuzio (Visit Site)
Galletto Ristorante
Garlic Brothers (Visit Site)
Grains of Virtue (Visit Site)
Gralic Brothers (Visit Site)
Grizzly Rock (Visit Site)
Hanger BBQ (Visit Site)
Hero's (Visit Site)
House of Beef (Visit Site)
Material Grill
Mc Henry's Bar & Restaurant
Mile Wine Company (Visit Site)
Minnie's (Visit Site)
Murphys Irish Pub (Visit Site)
P. Wexford's Pub (Visit Site)
Persuasion Brewing (Visit Site)
Queen Bean Coffee House (Visit Site)
Ralston's Goat (Visit Site)
Rancho Fresco Cantina (Visit Site)
Retro (Visit Site)
Rivets American Grill (Visit Site)
Santo Cielo (Visit Site)
Star Club (Visit Site)
Surla's (Visit Site)
Tap In Wine Down (Visit Site)
Terrace Wine Lounge (Visit Site)
The Blackwater Republic (Visit Site)
The Boardroom (Visit Site)
The Brass Tap (Visit Site)
The Bus Stop (Visit Site)
The Game Room (Visit Site)
The Mainzer (Visit Site)
Tresetti’s (Visit Site)
Twisted Pig (Visit Site)
Urbano (Visit Site)
Valley Brewing Co. (Visit Site)
Verona's (Visit Site)
Vito's (Visit Site)
Whirlow's (Visit Site)
Windmill Cove Bar&Grill (Visit Site)

Rock Promoters

209 Productions (Visit Site)
A.H. Collective (Visit Site)
Aging Hipsters (Visit Site)
All Madden Productions (Visit Site)
Amy Strong~ Strong Entertainment
Anderson Live Music (Visit Site)
Asylum Productions (Visit Site)
Beyond The Limits Promotions (Visit Site)
Big Earl Matthews,Ray Vazira & Wayne Campbell~ Thursday Nigth Ramble
Black Bomb Entertainment (Visit Site)
CVDM (Visit Site)
Central Valley Death Metal Presents (Visit Site)
Cobalt45 Presents (Visit Site)
DB Project (Visit Site)
Dam Sweet Production
FM Concerts Presents (Visit Site)
Fearlisha Presents (Visit Site)
Get Off the Couch (Visit Site)
Hari Kari Presents
ITN Music Company (Visit Site)
Jennifer Allsup ~Sweet Pea Knicker Productions
Jill Ferris / Ryan Irons Promotions (Visit Site)
John Griswold
Matty Comer ~ Acoustic Rock Society
Middagh Goodwin – Beat Happy Music (Visit Site)
Mike Vanek~ 209 Productions (Visit Site)
Modesto Unplugged Music (Visit Site)
Mojo Productions
Morlock's Underground (Visit Site)
Nic Padilla Promotions (Visit Site)
Northern California  Plastics
Pamsterdam Promotionz (Visit Site)
Pierce Promotions (Visit Site)
Reg Evans – Central Valley Music Group
Ron and Doug's Excellent Promotions (Visit Site)
Ronald Records
Royce Johnston-Bernal Ryee~ Rip your Ears Entertainment
SMA Entertainment (Visit Site)
Stomped Out (Visit Site)
Stonewolf Productions (Visit Site)
The Shire Presents (Visit Site)
Uncle Lonny Presents (Visit Site)
Unity Music

Rockabilly/ Psychobilly

Betty Ann & The Lonesone III (Visit Site)
Darlin’ Clementine
Drift Alley Lobos
Eli Goodtime and the Oldtimers
Fat City Jokers
Gear Box
Geronimo and the Scalpers (Visit Site)
Grease Hound (Visit Site)
Heebie Jeebies (Visit Site)
Jail Break
Johnny Devil And His Sins (Visit Site)
Kent Whitt & The Downbeats (Visit Site)
Little Jessie and the Pussy Hounds
Little Johnny & the Sleepwalkers (Visit Site)
Miss Michelle & the Misbehaviors
Monster Jukebox
Patt James and the Night Crawlers
Patti James and the Night Crawlers
Rockin Rick and the Rhythm Wranglers (Visit Site)
Roddy Jackson (Visit Site)
Smoky Lonesome
The (Secrect) Hitchers (Visit Site)
The California 99er's (Visit Site)
The Honey Shots (Visit Site)
The Polyester Wags (Visit Site)
The Refuzniks (Visit Site)
The Stage Coach Drifters (Visit Site)
Three On The Tree (Visit Site)
Tiffany Rose & The Outlaw Hearts (Visit Site)
Tony T and the Pendletons (Visit Site)
Tony T and the Rockin’ Cats (Visit Site)
Voodoo Killer (Visit Site)

Singer / Songwriters

Alida McKeon (Visit Site)
Cole Hinkle (Visit Site)
Dale Huff
Dan Vallerand (Visit Site)
Erik Andersen (Visit Site)
Jeff Moore 1984 (Visit Site)
Jordan Waters (Visit Site)
Kat Smash
Kayla Just
Kyle Petty (Visit Site)
Me & You - The Duo (Visit Site)
Nathan Ignition (Visit Site)
Raylene Kemp (Visit Site)
Sparrow Grove (Visit Site)
Stevie Vasquez (Visit Site)
Tea Noelle (Visit Site)

Small Event

Accoustic Rock Society (Visit Site)
B93 Acoustic Christmas (Visit Site)
Back to Graffiti –Fruityard
Bikes & Blues for Shoes (Visit Site)
Black Bomb Metal Fest (Visit Site)
Black HeARTs Market (Visit Site)
Blue Monday Jam
Breakfast at Deva (Visit Site)
Brew Ha Ha (Visit Site)
Broken Toys 30th Anniversary at the Gallo Center (Visit Site)
Brown Bag Series
California Women's Music Festival (Visit Site)
Dave Dow Jazz Jam
Dia de Los Muertos (Visit Site)
Focus on… Romantic Nights Of Havanna
Future of Rock
Global Music Series
Johnny Cash Birthday Bash (Visit Site)
KCSS Bandstand (Visit Site)
KCSS Rocksgiving
Knights Ferry Music Festival (Visit Site)
Legends Music Battle of The Bands
Luckyfest (Visit Site)
Modstock (Visit Site)
Mumfest (Visit Site)
Music in the Plaza (Visit Site)
Northern California Womens Music Festival (Visit Site)
Off the Air
Open Jam with David Dow (Visit Site)
Open Mic Nights Queen Bean (Visit Site)
P. Wexford’s Pub St Patrick's Day Bash (Visit Site)
Pain in The Grass
Porchfest (Visit Site)
Ralston's Goat Open Mic
Ralston's Goat Sunday Funday (Visit Site)
Relax On The Range (Visit Site)
River Ranch Music Festival (Visit Site)
Rock n’ Rockabilly Boogie Woogie Festival
S.U.N. Fest (Visit Site)
Sheather Fest (Visit Site)
Spectrum Street Faire (Visit Site)
StockMarket (Visit Site)
Summer Jam @ Queen Bean
Sunday Blues Crawl
Sunday Brunch at Deva (Visit Site)
Sundays at CBS
The Ballads
The Valley Talent Project (Visit Site)
Thrashocalypse (Visit Site)
Thursday Night Ramble
Trax on Wax (Visit Site)
Tresetti’s Fat Tuesday Mardi Gras (Visit Site)
Weekend Issue Copper Rhino

Tribute Bands


3rd Eye Team (Visit Site)
A King (Visit Site)
AB Hogish
Cali Nativez
Domz (Visit Site)
Fiesta Boyz
Good Bullys
Guda Mac
Hippie Hop (Visit Site)
Kevin Geeh (Visit Site)
Kolor Blind Souljas (Visit Site)
Livin Proof
Living Proof
Luna J
M,Sea,G (Visit Site)
Ncredible (Visit Site)
Oozee the Biz One (Visit Site)
Pruno (Visit Site)
Purp Reynolds (Visit Site)
Seany Wad
Skinny Fat Kids
Tino (Visit Site)
Valley Stunna

Urban DJ

Analog Disko (Visit Site)
Anthony S
DJ 9T9
DJ Ant Funk
DJ Awal
DJ Awol
DJ Chip
DJ DVS (Visit Site)
DJ Def Jeff (Visit Site)
DJ Dirty D (Visit Site)
DJ Felipe Garcia
DJ Gemini
DJ Invisible (Visit Site)
DJ Izzy
DJ Jag (Visit Site)
DJ Krayzie (Visit Site)
DJ Marvin J
DJ Mase the Tablist
DJ Monster Mack (Visit Site)
DJ Ogre
DJ Orge
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DJ Rawk
DJ Rhino
DJ Rhythm (Visit Site)
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DJ Riiko Sauve
DJ River
DJ Rythm (Visit Site)
DJ Secret
DJ Short
DJ Steve Dtrix
DJ Tag
DJ Tease
DJ Tech (Visit Site)
DJ Tipsy
DJ Topek
DJ Tru Spokez
DJ Tunes
DJ Vicious V. (palladium night Club)
DJ Wild
DJ Arnie
Deejayz Mikez (Visit Site)
Dj Dtrix
Dj Mario Elias
Dj TopPick
Eric G
Jason Gulley
Kolony (Visit Site)
Matt Esco
Rob Eaz


108 Sport Lounge (Visit Site)
300 Club Lounge (Visit Site)
Basi Nationwide Amphitheater (Visit Site)
Bauhaus (Visit Site)
Blue Horse Lounge (Visit Site)
Bob Hope Theater (Visit Site)
Bourbon Barrel (Visit Site)
CR 2 Bar and Billiards (Visit Site)
Center Stage Conservatory (Visit Site)
Center State Conservatory (Visit Site)
Channel Brewing (Visit Site)
Churchkey (Visit Site)
Coffee Bandits (Visit Site)
Copper Rhino
Cow Track (Visit Site)
Deliberation Room (Visit Site)
Donoby's (Visit Site)
Fat Cat
Frontier Club
Gallo Center (Visit Site)
Greens Under the Cellar (Visit Site)
Gypsy Shack (Visit Site)
Ironstone Aphitheatre (Visit Site)
Knights Ferry General Store (Visit Site)
La Huacana Restaurant (Visit Site)
Lens 360 (Visit Site)
Log Cabin (Visit Site)
Lucca Winery (Visit Site)
Main Street Inn (Visit Site)
ModSpot (Visit Site)
Moon & Sixpence (Visit Site)
Nashville West
Nino’s (Visit Site)
Nourishment For The Soul Wellness Center (Visit Site)
Oakdale Sport's Bar (Visit Site)
Obrian's Tavern (Visit Site)
Other Place (Visit Site)
Out Of Bounds Sports Bar (Visit Site)
O’Malley’s Bar
Palladium Nightclub (Visit Site)
Partisan (Visit Site)
Peer Recovery Arts Project (Visit Site)
Plea for Peace
Prospect Theater Project (Visit Site)
Rawhide Saloon (Visit Site)
Rebels Whiskeyhouse (Visit Site)
Red Event Center (Visit Site)
Rick's Saloon
Rivi's (Visit Site)
Rock and Roll Warehouse (Visit Site)
Running Iron (Visit Site)
Seasons Lounge (Visit Site)
Shadow Steakhouse
Shooters / Clarion (Visit Site)
Sierra Railroad
Six Shooter Saloon (Visit Site)
Speakeasy (Visit Site)
Spinnakers (Visit Site)
St Stan's (Visit Site)
State Theatre (Visit Site)
Sweet Lu's (Visit Site)
The Battered Beaver (Visit Site)
The Blackwater Cafe (Visit Site)
The Brave Bull (Visit Site)
The Brewhouse at Hero's (Visit Site)
The Cozy Corner Tavern (Visit Site)
The Cru (Visit Site)
The Fruit Yard (Visit Site)
The Grand Theater (Visit Site)
The Hideout Saloon (Visit Site)
The Local (Visit Site)
The Merced Theatre (Visit Site)
The New Frontier Club (Visit Site)
The Outpost Saloon (Visit Site)
The Pastime (Visit Site)
The Portal (Visit Site)
The Rivers Edge (Visit Site)
The Rusty Hook (Visit Site)
The Rusty Nail (Visit Site)
The Tilted Turtle (Visit Site)
The Udder Place (Visit Site)
The Water Wheel (Visit Site)
The Whiskey Barrel (Visit Site)
The Workshop (Visit Site)
Theatre 417
Tri-Chromatic Gallery (Visit Site)
Turlock Community Theatre (Visit Site)
Twin Rivers (Visit Site)
T’s Cocktails (Visit Site)
Vintage Lounge (Visit Site)
West Side Theater (Visit Site)
Westside Pavillion (Visit Site)
Whitmore Mansion
Winters Tavern (Visit Site)
Yosemite Lanes (Visit Site)

Youth Band

2nd Time Around (Visit Site)
80's Radio
Abandoned (Visit Site)
Aeon Trip
All-American Heartbreakers (Visit Site)
Artificial Moonlight (Visit Site)
Bad Reputation (Visit Site)
Bed Heads (Visit Site)
Beheading of the Queen (Visit Site)
Black Skulls
Blackout (Visit Site)
Blam! (Visit Site)
Break The Paradox (Visit Site)
Breaking Chainz (Visit Site)
Broken Feedback (Visit Site)
Cardboard Party (Visit Site)
Center Divide
Dark Harmony
Faded Secrets (Visit Site)
Float On (Visit Site)
Fortress (Visit Site)
Good Name (Visit Site)
Hazy Shade
Heralds of Doom (Visit Site)
High Voltage (Visit Site)
ICK (Visit Site)
Identify Us (Visit Site)
Indie Daze (Visit Site)
Klatch Co. (Visit Site)
Laundry Detergent (Visit Site)
MP5 (Visit Site)
Mars Babies (Visit Site)
Movin Along (Visit Site)
Neon Strings (Visit Site)
Norwegian Experience
Not All Right (Visit Site)
Nothing Rhymes With Orange (Visit Site)
Out Of Control (Visit Site)
Perfect Nightmare (Visit Site)
Pistols & Petunias
Second Surface
Silk City (Visit Site)
Silly String Band (Visit Site)
Something Different (Visit Site)
Sound Playground
South of the Equator
Sparkling Spotlight (Visit Site)
Split Second (Visit Site)
Steel Horse (Visit Site)
The Aviators (Visit Site)
The Detours (Visit Site)
The Hideout (Visit Site)
The Hype
The Matrix
The Power Tigers
The Resistance
The Royal Order (Visit Site)
The Unknown (Visit Site)
They Catch Secrets (Visit Site)
Time Frame (Visit Site)
Time Value
To Kill A Mockingbird (Visit Site)
Uprooted (Visit Site)
Yellow Squash (Visit Site)
Youth Gone Wild
Zero Gravity (Visit Site)