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The 16th Annual MAMA Awards
Hosted by the fabulous State Theatre
October 20, 2015 7:00 pm

It is totally unreal that is was 16 years ago that Chris Murphy and Chris Ricci tried to think of a really great way to celebrate the amazing local music talent here in the Greater Modesto Area. The first Modesto Area Music awards were held at the Doubletree Club Maxx in October 2000 with 6 categories.

This year, we celebrate and honor 20 different categories that keep the music scene alive. We will be recognizing the Lifetime Achievement of the first Rock and Roll band in Modesto, Kent Whitt and the Downbeats that started rocking in 1957.

The MAMAs are a celebration of the huge talent here in town. It is not so much as who is the best, or most popular, but the recognition of all of the hard working people in the local music industry here, from the bands, the venues, the promoters and the people that work behind the scenes to make it all happen.

Best of all, you are the academy. There is no hidden committee, just you the people that love local music. You vote and you choose and with every vote, you help spread the word to people to check out the Modesto area music scene so we can all make it better and more successful.

We all need to speak out. We want more music, more stages, more places to play and city policies that make music and the arts a priority here in town. So Vote today and spread the word about local music by going to shows, purchasing music and being MAMA cheerleaders.

Chris Murphy
Chris Ricci

How MAMAnees are Chosen

Over 200 emails were sent out polling last years nominees and winners, along with current venue managers/owners, radio DJs and promoters. Posts were made on Facebook for fans to submit their choices. Key figures in the music community were followed up with to try and make this the best MAMA List possible.

Also taken into account is how active the nominees were, feedback from Venue managers on professionalism and performance and made sure that they had an internet presence that was up to date and good quality be it flyers, show schedule and lineups and number of shows performed by artists or booked for promoters to new music and videos for bands.

Comedians were picked based not just on how active they are but also each one has a production they do from hosting Open Mics to writing comedy blogs or doing podcast.

The result? There is so much talent here in the greater Modesto area and it is great news that is so difficult to get this down to 10 per category.

Thanks to everyone for their input and support and congratulations and good luck to all the MAMAnees. #ModestoMAMA


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Thank you to the State Theatre for hosting the 16th Annual MAMA Awards and showcasing Modesto Area Music talent.

Thanks to each and everyone of you for being a positive voice in Modesto.

Hall of Fame

You can check out the history of these dynomite winners. Check out the MAMA Hall of Fame. You can see who has been making the musical contribution to Modesto over the years. MAMA is all about diversity. If a band wins a MAMA, they are added to the Hall of Fame. They are not elegible for nomination for two years, so learn some more about this years nominees and your previous favorites will be back in the running soon. Listen to local music and spread the love. Check out the MAMA page on

Past MAMA Award shows have been held at The State Theatre, Fat Cat, the Gallo Center, the Doubltree and Club Maxx. The MAMAs are held this year in the historic State Theatre. There have been some great performances, some big surprises and best of all, the MAMAs are a night that is shared by all of the radio stations and the Modesto Bee with the best of the Modesto Area performers.


Join the MAMA Foundation

Founders Chris Murphy and Chris Ricci are committed to keeping the Modesto Area Music Scene happening, alive and growing. Sign up and be a volunteer MAMA staff to help take us to the next level. Email us with your comments and ideas.

The MAMA Carhop Award was designed by Chris Murphy and is laser cut from stainless steel and donated by Beeler Industries.

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